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About Md Plastics Incorporated

Since 1999, our company has been in the business of helping injection molders be more profitable by designing and manufacturing better plasticating components as well as developing entirely new technologies. We have the technical knowledge, decades of experience and disciplined mindset to provide you with the right solutions!

Mike Durina has an AAS in Plastic Engineering from Ferris State University and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Kent State University. From 1978 to January 1984, he worked under several capacities for three separate injection molding firms. In February of 1984, he began a career at Spirex that lasted 16 years. It is here that Mike came to fully understand and appreciate how important the plasticating unit is to the injection molding process. Under his leadership as VP of Sales & Service, Mike grew Spirex sales from $1.8 million and 18 employees to $22 million and 180 employees.

In 1999, Mike founded Md Plastics Inc. as a designer and manufacturer of plasticating unit components. Throughout the years, Mike developed several new products that add value to the injection molding and extrusion industry, all of which can be found on this website. His latest invention, the Melt Profiler™, measures inline melt temperature in real time and calculates metrics that can predict and document part quality. It’s the only system of its kind and a much needed innovation for the injection molding world.

Mike has been awarded eight patents with one pending. Stay tuned for more.

Patent 8734146: Miniature automatic shutoff nozzle tip
Patent 7527493: Precise control non-return valve
Patent 6752528: Plasticating screw for efficient melting and mixing of polymeric material
Patent 6499987: Positive control non-return valve for an injection molding machine
Patent 5816698: Screw and plasticating apparatus and method
Patent 5439633: Plastic extruder having a mixing valve with automatic shut-off
Patent 5188399: Pipe coupling device and method
Patent 5164207: Plastic extruder with automatic shut-off valve
Patent 5096302: Plastic feeding device and method
Patent 4944906: Methods of injection molding and extruding we hygroscopic ionomers
EU patent Application 08853232.9: Plasticating Screw for Polymeric Material, August 08, 2018
Patent Pending Utility Patent: Plasticating and Injection Molding System (Inject-Ex), May 31, 2019

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