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Products by Allureglow USA, LLC
  • Allureglow USA HS Series Glow in the Dark Inks

    This Allureglow USA HS-1025 Ink is a Premium High Solids Acrylic, PVC Free Glow in the Dark Screen Printing Ink, designed for Cotton & 50-50 and with the use of our AG-CLA100 Additive you can print on Polyester, Nylon and Stretch Fabrics and much more. This unique Ink looks like conventional... Read More
  • Allureglow USA PS Series Reflective Inks

    The Allureglow USA PS Series Reflective Inks are a Premium Phthalate Free, Soft Hand, Plastisol Reflective Screen Printing Ink. These unique Inks looks like a Conventional Colored Inks in normal light and have remarkable Reflective Properties when light is shined on them. These Inks are an... Read More
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