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Products by Tech Support Screen Printing Supplies LLC

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  • BBC Industries

    Little Buddy II and Big Buddy conveyor dryers, Black flash and Afford-A-Flash flash dryers. Call us for a quote. Read More
  • Camie

    Mist, web and flash adhesives, screen opener, anti-static spray and more. Read More
  • Douthitt

    DMA, DMH, DMZ-T, DMZ, DMG, and DME self contained exposure units, DMV, DML, DMS and DMW free standing vacuum units in several sizes. Call us for a quote. Read More
  • Easiway

    Press and screen washes, stain removers, emulsion removers, one-step removers, dip tanks and more. Read More
  • Film

    Ulano Pigment inkjet film, Tech Support waterproof inkjet film, non-waterproof inkjet film, laser vellum and more. Read More
  • Franmar

    Press and screen wash, emulsion remover, degreaser, haze remover and more. Read More
  • Kiwo

    One Coat, Polycol S, and Crossover pure photopolymer emulsions, Poly-Plus Z and Poly-Plus S Dual-cure emulsions, Concentrated Ink Wash, Concentrated Degreaser, Concentrated Stencil Remover and more. Read More
  • Pallet Tape

    R-Tape, Main Tape and Innotec double-sided pallet tapes. Read More
  • PMI

    Full adhesive, Split and Quick Rip frame tapes. Read More
  • Rhinotech

    Screen and press washes, haze remover, degreaser, emulsion removers, hand cleaners, washout booths, frame adhesives and more. Read More
  • Screens

    20x24 and 23x31 wood and aluminum frames in stock with 38-355 mesh counts. Newman and Sefar roller frames, Shur-Loc EZ frames and GreenScreen Trax frames. Read More
  • Sprayway

    Mist, web and flash adhesives, screen openers, toner aid, glass cleaner, silicone spray, anti static spray and more. Read More
  • Squeegees

    Wood and aluminum squeegees, single and triple durometers. Read More
  • SRoque

    RoqPrint You, Eco and Oval automatic presses, RoqTunnel conveyor dryers, RoqDry Eco, Evo and Moby flash dryers, RoqFlock and RoqFoil systems. Call us for a quote. Read More
  • Tech Support

    Dual Tech dual-cure emulsion. Read More
  • Tekmar

    Pallet glue, scorch remover, spot removing fluid, spot removing guns and more. Read More
  • Ulano

    Orange, QLT and QTX pure photopolymer emulsions, QX-1, RLX, Proclaim, TLX, FX88, QT-Discharge and 925WR dual-cure emuslions, Blue Poly-2, Rubylith RM3, CDF/QT, CDF/QT50, CDF/QT250, CDF/QT400, CDF 2/UV, CDF 4 and CDF/5VT capillary films, 30 and 47 micron direct emulsion EZ Films, #60 Screen... Read More
  • Vastex

    V-1000, V-2000 manual presses, numbering systems, F-100 and F-1000 flash units, Econored and D-100 conveyor dryers, Dry Vaults, E-1000, E-2331 and E-4731 exposure units. Call us for a quote. Read More
  • Wilflex

    Epic Standard, Super, Super Fluorescent, Process, Performance and Specialty inks, Epic PF, PC and PC Equalizer mixing inks, Discharge, Bases and Additives, Bright Tiger, Epic Quick White, Polywhite, Epic Matte Black and more. Read More
  • Workhorse Products

    Odyssey, Mach and All Heads Down manual presses, Freedom, Javelin and Falcon automatic presses, Quartz and Super Seca infrared flash units, Flashbacks, Powerhouse quartz conveyor dryers, Photosharp and Lumitron exposure units. Call us for a quote. Read More

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