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  • Aqua Wash - Water Based Ink Cleaner

    Printing with water-based inks takes patience and a good knowledge of tips and tricks to keep the ink properly wet for continuous printing. When it comes time to clean the screen, Aqua Wash is the “tip” to know for excellent cleaning to keep your screens looking new and lasting longer. Aqua Wash... Read More
  • BEAN-e-doo Textile - Screen Ink Cleaner

    For over 30 years, BEAN-e-doo has been the most friendly and efficient ink cleaners for our customers on the market today. Made from 100% American grown soybeans, BEAN-e-doo cleans screens quicker, easier, and without the hassle other harsh, even bio-solvent, cleaners require. The first thing... Read More
  • Color Change - Screen Cleaner

    To meet the need for changing colors or opening clogged mesh areas during a run, Franmar forumulated this revolutionary product that cleans as efficiently as chemicals such as Methylene Chloride without the negative safety and environmental impacts of such chemicals. Very economical. A quart... Read More
  • d-HAZE - Ink Haze and Ghost Image Remover

    Developed by Franmar to provide safe and an environmentally acceptable alternative to old-style ozone depleting solvents, d-Haze completely eliminates the ink haze and ghost images. A non-caustic, non-toxic product that will not damage the mesh even after years of use. Properly used, it will... Read More
  • Filter System - Washbin

    When used in connection with Franmar Chemical's line of biodegradable cleaners and solvents, discharge from the system is drain and/or septic system safe. Meets, and exceeds, the "California Green" standards. Made from the highest quality polypropylene, it has welded seams to insure long life.... Read More
  • Greeneway - Ink Cleaner

    Greeneway is easily one of the most environmentally safe ink cleaners on the market today. An economical and powerful cleaner, originally designed for recirculation tanks, Greeneway is unmatched in cost effectiveness as it can be diluted up to 50% with water. Tough on ink, easy on the... Read More
  • ICKEE STICKEE UNSTUCK - Fleece and Adhesive Build-up Remover

    Need to get rid of the fleece and adhesive build-up from your palletes? Try Ickee Stickee Unstuck and you will never use anything else again. All you do is spray it on, wipe it off. Works quickly and effectively. Economical because you don't use much of it. Great for removing over-spray from... Read More
  • SCORCH-E-DOO - Screen Scorch Mark Remover

    Scorch marks left by flash curing units and dryers have always been a problem for screen printers. Franmar Chemical formulated Scorch-e-doo to easily and quickly remove these scorch marks. Scorch-e-doo is the very best performing and environmentally safe choice in today's market. Spray it on and... Read More
  • Series 8 - Invisible Glove

    Meet the invisible glove! This glycerin based cream allows you to work on the messiest jobs without worry of staining your hands or nails. Apply Series 8 as you would a hand lotion and it will protect your hands until you wash them clean with water. Reapply as necessary. Read More
  • Soy Scrub - Hand Wash

    Regardless of how large or small your screen printing shop may be, it is still hard work and messy! An effective hand cleaner is a must to have around. Soy Scrub is the answer to cleaning the grimiest hands. Made from American grown soybeans and finely ground Missouri pumice for extra cleaning... Read More
  • STRIP-E-DOO - Emulsion Remover

    This ready-to-use emulsion remover is designed to effectively penetrate and completely dissolve emulsion and capillary film, without weakening the screen mesh. Strip-e-doo also contains a degreaser so it may eliminate further steps and cleaners, saving you time and money. Naturally derived,... Read More

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