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Products by Florida Flexible Printing Products, Inc.

  • Plastisol Screen Printing Inks

    Plastisol standard colors are all-purpose Plastisol inks designed for printing directly on 100% White substrates or for over-printing onto flashed white. They have great Build-up resistant, a wide standard color range and are excellent for automatic and manual printing. Our Plastisol inks are... Read More
  • Emulsions and Screen Making Products

    Customers always ask me, "what's the best Emulsion?" My answer has not changed in 20 years... there is no best Emulsion, only the emulsion that works BEST for you. The information below is here to help you in the process of making that selection easier! Feel free to call us if you need... Read More
  • Screen Cleaning Chemicals

    It seems that these days we hear more about ‘Eco-Friendliness’ than ever. Both worldwide and at the local level our industry has recognized that it is not a passing trend. It is also a social responsibility as laws are implemented to conduct business in the decorated apparel industry. We stand... Read More

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