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Products by Barudan America Inc.
  • XT Singlehead Machines

    XT Single-Head Embroidery Machines BARUDAN SINGLE HEAD MACHINES HAVE THE SAME POWER & QUALITY AS OUR MULTI-HEAD MACHINES. BARUDAN TECHNOLOGY. SIMPLY THE BEST...SINCE 1959 Barudan's single-head machines are available in four sizes. XL2 PRO2 PRO3 C01 BRIDGE MACHINE They all share the same... Read More
  • K Series Multihead Machines

    Since 1959, Barudan has produced the best built, most reliable embroidery machines in the world for both the start-up and established embroidery business. Today, top embroidery embroiderers trust Barudan and only use our multi-head machinery for increased production, superior stitching and... Read More