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  • Kornit Vulcan

    The future of textile printing is here. The Kornit Vulcan, a response to mass-customization challenges, is designed to meet mass-customization trends in both cost-efficiency and productivity, presenting a true alternative to screen printing for medium to long runs. Producing up to 250... Read More
  • Kornit Avalanche 1000

    Break the speed barrier with the Kornit Avalanche 1000 and stretch the limits of single operator mass-volume production. Featuring dual-pallets, 1.5 liter bulk ink system, automatic maintenance and pretreatment systems, the Kornit Avalanche 1000 is built for 24/7 operation. It is specifically... Read More
  • Kornit Avalanche Hexa

    Extend the available spot color options and far surpass what is possible with the conventional four color CMYK palette with the Kornit Avalanche Hexa - an industrial printing system that operates with six colors plus white, for a 30% wider gamut, allowing users to match a wider array of colors... Read More
White Papers by Kornit Digital
  • Profitably Printing on Polyester By

    While consumer preference is overwhelming for these newer fabrics, each one poses a challenge for screen printers. Polyester needs special mention as screen printers have struggled to print on polyester-based fabrics for years, starting with the ubiquitous athletic jersey. For printing on dyed... Read more
  • Fashion Detox Revolution By

    This white paper details the environmental hazards prevalent in the textile industry, the global move toward sustainable industry standards, and how you can ensure your company’s compliance as well as continued success and profitability. Read more
  • Screen vs Digital By

    If you’re a screen printer looking to offer customization or small-medium runs, then you will know all about the fixed set-up costs before you’ve even produced a single T-shirt! Ultimately, it costs time and money. So, how can you determine if Direct-to-Garment digital printing is the right... Read more
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